Commercial PACE Program

The HERO Program is an economic development program available at no cost to the participating cities and the County. HERO finances improvements which decrease energy usage, create clean renewable energy, or decrease water consumption. In addition to these direct benefits, HERO helps create local jobs, save money, increase property values and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

HERO first launched its residential program in western Riverside County in December 2011, and has received several awards across the state. HERO for commercial properties launched in December 2012. The term HERO, originally an acronym for “Home Energy Renovation Opportunity,” has since become synonymous with energy renovation opportunities for the owners of residential and nonresidential properties alike.


  • No barrier to upfront funding for projects.

  • Improvement in Net Operating Income (NOI).

  • Increased property value.

  • Hedge against increasing utility costs.

  • Up to 20 years financing depending on useful life of product.

  • Acquire environmentally efficient building certifications.


  • Must be current on property taxes.

  • Current on all property debt for past 6 months.

  • No bankruptcy proceedings for past 7 years.

  • Proposed improvements must not exceed 15% of property value.

  • Existing debt plus new HERO Financing cannot exceed 90% of the property value.

  • Senior Mortgage debt lender acknowledges placement of the assessment. Our Partners will assist in the process of obtaining acknowledgement.

Application Process:

  • Call Toll Free 877 SOLAR 70

  • Speak with dedicated Client Support Specialist

  • Walk through application process

  • Instructions for submitting Energy Project Proposal

  • Provide ongoing support all the way to funding

  • Submit Project Plan

  • Submit Lenders Acknowledgment

  • Sign Financing Documentation

  • Contractor Installs Project

  • Financing is remitted for the project

Yepp! We can Save you money on your home or Business Electric Bill!

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