Commercial Solar Process

When you make the decision to have us install solar for your business, we follow a comprehensive ten step process. Throughout the process, we keep you informed by notifying you of key milestones in the installation progress of your system to ensure your satisfaction.

  Your Account Executive meets with you to discuss the best opportunities for Solar Power for your business

  Once information about your business is collected, your Account Executive analyzes the data to determine the most appropriate photovoltaic solar energy system for your business.

  We offer a variety of custom tailored solutions to pay for the system, your Account Executive will help you select the best option for you that is designed to save the most money.

  We custom design your system including detailed system layout and electrical diagrams taking into account factors such as location, shading, electric usages, roof area, etc.

  Once the system is designed and approved by you, we procure the equipment, submit the necessary building permits and complete the necessary utility interconnection agreements.

  We will coordinate with you the best date and time to install the PV system on your property.

  Once construction is complete, the system is verified and tested, the local building inspection is performed and your utility company is notified.

  When all testing, permitting and interconnections are completed, the system is energized and you begin producing your own power.

  Your Account Executive meets with you to review the system, provide you with all the documentation including manuals, warranties and guarantees, and answers any questions you may have.

  Over the next year, we will perform a complimentary inspection and cleaning of your PV system to verify that it is performing at peak efficiency.

Yepp! We can Save you money on your home or Business Electric Bill!

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