Why Commercial Solar?

Commercial Solar Panel Installation

According to The US Department Of Energy, your electricity utility costs will double in the next five years. Having a commercial solar power system has never been a smarter choice for a business owner.

The California Solar Initiative (CSI) offers business owners unbelievable incentives to utilize solar power in California. When you generate power with solar electrical systems, there’s an opportunity for the utility company to pay you up to 4 times what you are currently paying them. For an average-sized system, that can save you up to 60% of the system’s cost. If your commercial solar power system is tied in with a new roof for your business, you can enjoy 5-year depreciation on the re-roofing costs, also.

A Smart investment that has a 100% return in less than 5 years.

A Solar Photovoltaic Electric producing system (PV) is a very low maintenance option that has a very long life span. Imagine powering your stores with the power of the sun. Sounds Complex? Sounds Expensive? It really is not. These panels are placed in the sun and create electricity. The only maintenance this system has is cleaning the panels a couple of times a year. That’s it! Bluegill Solar offers automatic solar panel cleaning systems that can increase production by 5-40%.

Any business that is located in sunny southern California has a great advantage. The State of California through the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) is willing to pay up to 1/3 of the cost to install a PV system anywhere within the state. The only requirement is that you pay a local utility company a fee that is fully refunded when job is complete. You qualify for this “Rebate” by being a Southern California gas customer or a SDG&E customer, or a SCE customer. What this means is that if your company were to utilize commercial solar power for one of its stores or offices located in the service area of any of these utility companies 33% of the cost would be paid for from outside sources.

In addition there is a 30% Federal tax credit if the system is installed prior to the end of 2016. So of the remaining 60% you would pay for a PV system, 30% is a Federal tax Credit. Now add in the depreciation that is allowed for PV purchases and you will see that the ROI on a PV system is less than 3 – 4 years. (Depending on your tax situation) Add in the 30% increase that is to occur in the next 3-5 years and the ROI is even faster!!

Yepp! We can Save you money on your home or Business Electric Bill!

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