Why Solar?

The many advantages of solar energy make it a worthwhile and environmentally friendly investment.  It’s more imperative than ever that you protect yourself from the rising cost of electricity statewide.   California utility rates are expected to rise a minimum of 5 to 7%, per year, over the next 10 years.  With a solar system, you reduce your dependence on your utility company and avoid costly price increases. In the face of increasingly dangerous carbon emission problems exacerbated by the frequent burning of fossil fuels, solar energy alternatives give us a way to take some responsibility for the state of our environment. Solar energy does not exude any greenhouse gases — instead, it is produced by absorbing radiation energy from the sun and using that energy to generate electricity. It is also extremely cost-efficient in that other than installation and maintenance costs, solar energy is completely free. It does not necessitate costly raw materials like coal or oil, and the operational labor required to maintain solar energy is much lower than conventional power sources. Furthermore, solar energy manages to avoid price volatility because the sun is a limitless and easily accessible commodity that cannot be easily subjected to price manipulation. Solar energy also preserves ecosystems because it requires no harmful mining or harvesting of raw materials. This is definitely the age of solar energy, and SoCal Solar Energy, Inc. is your place to start!

How Solar Energy Can Save You Money

Solar energy is widely accepted as an alternative for electric energy we use on a day to day basis. The technology used to create solar energy is now considered as a dependable way of energy production. With the high cost of electricity today this comes as a welcomed option to reduce our monthly bills. Solar light also help us in minimizing our reliance on fossil fuels and allows us to use as much power as we feel necessary.

Turn Your Home into a Power Generator

A common problem today is the costly electricity bills that come every month that gradually keep growing. Solar lighting is actually the best alternative for electricity that does not require monthly billing. You just pay for installation of the solar PV systems which will provide you free renewable energy. Solar PV systems will use sunlight to make electricity. These systems minimize your energy bills and create all the energy needed to supply your daily use.

How It Creates Electricity

Sunlight reaches earth in the form of electromagnetic radiations which is used by the energy system for the generation of solar energy. Solar panels made up of photovoltaic cells that transform sunlight into energy. This energy can easily be used and stored in the form of electricity for your everyday use and also to power all your modern home appliances. Solar technology converts the solar light directly into electricity through the solar PV system in which electricity is stored in batteries. This is done through an electrical grid energy storage system or by the solar thermal systems.

Why Is It Needed?

Solar energy provides many economic and environmental advantages which contribute to a healthy and secure life. Replacing natural gas, coal, wood, oil or electricity with renewable energy can save you money while being environment-friendly. Another advantage of this renewable energy is that it does not produce the green-house effect which is the main cause of global warming. In this regard installation of solar panels in your home is a very wise decision.

Installing a solar PV system into your home or business can provide you freedom to use as much energy as you want to fulfill your electricity needs. It helps you adequately light up your surroundings during the night. The use of natural light will immediately lower the amount of your monthly electricity bills. The ultimate goal of solar energy technology is to create a greater reduction in cost of your electricity bills and Save You MONEY!

Solar lightning technology can be installed anywhere and is applicable for wide backyard spaces and long driveways that require adequate lighting. Along with saving you money, solar energy also helps maintain a clean environment.

With so many solar panels options available today, everyone can find a system that they can afford.

Yepp! We can Save you money on your home or Business Electric Bill!

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